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Drain Cleaning

Drains are one of the most important parts of your properties hidden away  where they cant be seen and always forgotten. The only time you realise they are there is when they fail or become blocked, usually when its far to late as sewage is spilling into your garden.

Blockages are often caused by whats put down them, items like baby wipes, nappies, toys etc are always going to cause major issues so watch that children dont let their toys use the loo!!  We as adults put things down the sink like grease and oil,  food waste and the like all contribute to the blockage of drains as well as silt, general debris and of course then the back up of sewage.  Keeping your drains clear and clean can make the difference between a good nights sleep or a night from hell.

Signs like a bad smell emanating from the sink, water taking far to long to drain, strange noises and water overflowing or rising when the toilet is flushed are all tell tale signs that your drains are becoming blocked.   Having your drains jet washed through to clear all debris will help keep them in good condition and help prevent overflows. It will also help keep rodents from coming up the drains looking for the foods stuck to the side walls.

We are able to jet wash your drains, using our hot water pressure system to clear away all debris from the side walls leaving them clean and fresh and to ensure that your sewage goes where ts supposed to and not back into your home!


We are also able to fit non-return valves to prevent rodents access into your lateral drains to help prevent them gaining access to your home.