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Driveway Cleaning

Grossbusters is expert in cleaning and sealing block paving. Most block paved driveways become very porous and thus encourage

The majority of block paved driveways are very porous and quickly encourage the growth of unwanted  moss, weeds, lichen and algae. On north facing surfaces or shaded areas this is more of an issue.

Using high pressure rotary cleaners and lances, we will pressure clean the driveway first with a flat headed rotary cleaner to wash away any surface growth.

Block Paving refurbishment stages

  • Pre-treatment with fungicidal wash or weed killer
  • Oil or grease stains are treated and removed
  • The paved area is washed off with a rotary cleaners and lances
  • All the joints are re-sanded
  • High quality sealers are applied to protect your block paving should you so wish.