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Graffiti Removal

Graffiti removal from buildings

Graffiti can pop up almost anywhere in any town, even the quietest of villages. It can range from a beautiful piece of art to extremely offence language, but is usually gang related, tagging areas of territory or something as simple as the boyfriend trying to be clever!

Graffiti is usually made with spray paints or marker pens to which some are injecting additional additives like boot polish and dyes to make it more permanent and can be more difficult for graffiti cleaners to remove. Whatever the reasons behind it, it’s not what you want to see; especially if it’s your wall or property it’s on.

90-100% graffiti effectiveness

We use products that have 90-100% effectiveness especially if we can get to the graffiti quickly. Most surfaces can have graffiti removed quickly and effectively but on occasions a paint out is required where we simply apply a sealer to the paint then paint the whole area a colour of your choice to match existing if possible. Sometimes it’s far cheaper to paint out than to try and remove large expanses of graffiti, this is usually masonry walls, bridges, overpasses, and the like.

We use a non-damage system which will remove all types of graffiti including from substrates like limestone, sandstone, Brickwork, plastic signage, Perspex, motor vehicles etc. We do not need to use abrasive compounds or materials nor high pressure jet washers. We are also able to carry out removal on heritage buildings and monuments/war memorials etc. Our heritage cleaner is the only product that has been recognized and approved by to be used on the World Heritage sandstone that makes up central Edinburgh.

Paint on your expensive car can provide a different challenge, as in the past a re-spray would have been required. We can remove almost any graffiti paint on all car paintwork leaving it clean and graffiti free.

Biodegradable and environmentally sustainable solutions

All of our solutions are REACH & CHIP compliant, biodegradable and environmentally sustainable. We are also able to apply anti-graffiti paints and barriers. These do not stop the graffiti occurring, but make it far easier to clean in future and thus bringing down the cleaning time and therefore the cost to you the client. This is effective in areas that have a regular graffiti issue that needs monitoring and /or cleaning.