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Gross Cleanup

Cleaning a wide range of filth

Gross filth clean-up is usually a combination of a lot of different types of cleaning. It could be horded, have human waste, sharps, rubbish, in poor condition and generally gross everywhere.   There is most likely rotting food, possibly BBP’s and most definitely a buildup of everything above.

A strong sanitizer cleaner will be used to completely take away any risk of infection prior to any clean-up procedure then we systematically start the clean-up procedure working our way through the contamination. Using the correct tools and cleaners the area will be completely cleared and cleaned.  Odour control will be carried out to reduce the bad smells.

As there are a lot of unknowns with this type of clean it’s advisable that untrained people do not try this as everything from BBP’s to sharp swill is present. Odour control will be necessary as will a deodorizing treatment afterwards.   As this type of problem inherently comes with foul and deep ingrained odours it may take more than 1 deodorizing treatment to bring the smells under control as bodily fluids may have penetrated wood floors and walls.