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Hoarding Cleanup

A complete hoarding cleanup and removal service

We are able to provide a complete hoarding cleanup and removal service. We are extremely sympathetic to the needs of the customer and that this could be both distressing a possibly embarrassing.  We will work closely alongside the customer if necessary to help in all aspects of this type of clean up.

Hoarding is a recognised mental illness known as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) which often goes unnoticed by the individual doing it.  It may range from small things like not throwing away household items and rubbish to collecting things to the more extreme cases of not throwing anything out at all including human waste and hunting through bins and skips to take items home

Due to this type of illness, it not only affects the hoarder but also the lives of family members or the landowner or landlord. They may have to deal with issue as the hoarder will not be able to help as it can be both upsetting a distressing for them. 

Each cleanup is unique

No hoarding cleanup is the same and each has its own set of challenges. It can be time consuming and tedious especially if the hoarder is present throughout the procedure as every item that needs to be disposed of can be extremely distressing to them. Another factor to consider is the presence of rodents and insects which will almost definitely be present.

The cleanup of a property in this condition is a systematic approach working carefully through each room of the property to remove all types of waste and paraphernalia ranging from simple items to human waste and drugs.  It is usually uninhabitable due to filth, rodents and insects like mite and lice as well as other insects.  This task is challenging and not always possible for family and friends to undertake.

Grossbusters has done numerous types of clearances like this and is able to successfully help you with this type of clean up.