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Imprinted Concrete

Refurbish your imprinted concrete driveway

Due to general wear and tear, Pattern Imprinted Concrete will lose some of its colour over time. If it wears to the point that the bare concrete underneath becomes exposed, it can appear very unsightly and dull and could reduce the value of a property. However, there is a very effective solution and Grossbusters can help.

More and more homeowner’s are tending to lean towards this surface due to its durability and low maintenance costs over block paving.

We use specialised restoration materials and equipment to enable us to refurbish your imprinted concrete driveway and keep it looking like it was first laid for many years to come.

Imprinted concrete refurbishment stages

  • Apply stain remover for any oil stains that may be present
  • Power wash using a rotary cleaner to remove any surface dirt, moss or algae, leave to dry
  • After the surface is dry, it is sealed with multiple coats of high quality resin sealants (tinted if requested)
  • Make good any joints if necessary

Imprinted concrete should be re-sealed every few years to keep in tip top condition