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Patio Cleaning

Patio Cleaning

Grossbusters loves to carry out patio cleaning and refurbish all types of patio surfaces no matter what hard surface you have chosen to adorn your patio.

As most patios use porous surfaces, this makes them prone to algae, lichen, weeds, moss and other forms of growth. This means patios more than most need to be cleaned more regularly as it will soon become overgrown and possibly dangerous. As everybody in the family and friends frequent this area it makes sense to keep them clean.


Stages of patio refurbishment

  • Pre-wash to loosen any weeds, lichen and algae
  • Where possible specialist rotary cleaners used to remove dirt and green
  • Power lances used where needed
  • Sealers can be used if requested

It’s not unusual for any pointing to be blown away of loos or damaged. This will need to be repaired