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Pressure Washing

Heavy duty pressure washing equipment

Around your property you will have a variety of hard surfaces that may, from time to time, require some cleaning. They may be contaminated with moss and algae or years of ground in dirt and even oil stains on your drive.

We utilize some heavy duty pressure washing equipment and rotary cleaners, alongside some excellent cleaning solutions and washes to bring your surfaces back to looking as good as new as far as it is possible. We are also able to re-sand and then apply the correct sealers to your hard surface. This serves many purposes including keeping weeds and algae at bay and also sealing your surface thus preventing it becoming porous.

We can clean

  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Decking
  • Walls
  • Sports surfaces e.g. tennis courts
  • Swimming pool surround
  • Roofs
  • And much more

Sequence of events

The basic sequence of events in the cleaning of your hard surface, dependant on what treatment you’re having, is as follows:

  • Protect all areas not being treated where necessary
  • Treat stains to remove as much as possible, i.e. oil and apply a fungicidal treatment to kill the weeds
  • Turbo lance used to clean edges and around posts etc
  • Rotary cleaner used to clean remainder of surface
  • Minor repairs if required
  • Re-sand if required
  • Apply relevant sealer dependent on surface being treated
  • Tape off area to prevent accidental intrusions

This service can offer some or all of the above including the cleaning and treatment of Tarmac surfaces.

Tinting sealers

We are even able to tint our sealers to give a colour to your surface if required. Prices per square metre are available upon request for

  • Pre-wash with algaecide wash and pressure wash
  • Pre-wash, pressure wash and re-sanding
  • Pre-wash, pressure wash, re-sanding and sealing

Tarmac driveways can be cleaned and a special coating applied to bring it back to life!
For more information on the process, costs, and various treatments we offer including tints contact us via the contact page or give us a ring. We are happy to give you a no obligation quote at any time and when we say no obligation we mean just that! We will produce a written quote and then leave it all in your hands. If you decide against it we will never pester you or pressure you into a job.

Rotary Cleaner

The rotary cleaner we use operates at a maximum pressure of 30-250 bars, 435 – 3625 psi, which is at least 3 x that of most domestic pressure washers and provides a very even finish after cleaning. Sealants can be applied to further protect your patio and prolong its life as well as prevent the quick regrowth of weeds etc.

Please note that as with any pressure washing, there is always the chance that any loose or damaged pointing will come out during the cleaning process. This can be easily re-pointed by you, or it can be undertaken by Grossbusters. Please ask for details.

Dependent on many factors, a 100% perfect clean is not always obtainable. Plant pots that have been sat on the patio for months even years has prevented the sun from weathering the slab underneath meaning it will be lighter than the rest, this will most likely show after washing down. Some salts may leave a residual mark etc. But we will bring it up as best as it will go and you will be impressed and happy!