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Wheelie Bin Cleaning

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You will be amazed at what wheelie bins can attract! Rats and mice, insects and birds all thrive around a bin especially one that is left dirty. They can then migrate towards and even inside your home or business. They also can cause offensive odours, A health hazard waiting to happen.

Using the latest 6 stage filtration bin cleaning system, Grossbusters is able to carry out your bin cleaning duties in line with all EA rules and in-line with your bin emptying days.   Our system cleans, filtrates and recycles all the water to prevent any accidental overflow into the environment .

We will apply a freshener fluid to keep it smelling clean.

Unlike other bin cleaning systems which are normally located in the back of a truck/van ours is tow-able and self contained. there is no risk of contamination nor do we break the EA law by tipping down the drain.  Any water from bin cleaning CANNOT be tipped into the drainage system.

Our machine lifts either a standard wheelie bin or a commercial bin similar to how the bin lorry does, so we are able to pressure wash the inside using a specially adapted nozzle ensuring every angle is targeted.  All waste water drains into the recycling filters to be cleaned and recycled back into our holding tanks to reuse.

The water flows through a series of 6 filters, the unique 5th filter which is a device containing media that is actually impregnated with silver before it is aerated (the 6th stage of water treatment) as it returns to the main water tank

The FDA21 approved impregnated silver inhibits the growth of bacteria, and because the wash water is being continually conditioned, the water simply gets cleaner and cleaner the more it is recycled. The filter and the media within it are FDA21 approved.

Water is recirculated through these extra 2 series of filters separately from the traditional 3 stages so that they eliminate any issues of blockages or the need to stop to clean out filters during the day. Finally the water is also aerated before it enters the main tank It’s the only Bin Wash machine with 5 stages of filtration (not 3) the only machine designed to inhibit bacterial growth, and a first in the industry.