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Tarmac Restoration


Making tarmac look like new

Do you have a tarmac drive or pathway that may be in need of restoration? Has it lost its colour and started to break in places? As long as its in a reasonable condition, Grossbusters can restore faded tarmac to look like it was recently installed. An application of our new tarmac restorer is now the preferred option for most homeowners who do not want the expense of having to replace an existing tarmac driveway.

Just see the benefits of our Tarmac restorer:

  • Avoids the need pricey resurfacing of tarmac
  • Brings back the original tarmac colour
  • Replaces lost resin within the existing tarmac
  • Stabilises cracks and loose tarmac

Stages of our tarmac refurbishment

  • Oil stains treated and removed if possible
  • Pressure wash (reduced pressure) to remove surface growth
  • Any minor repairs repaired with new material
  • Application of Tarmac restoration

For Tarmac restoration in Devon please call 01626 369337 or 01803 222372 for a free no obligation quote or simply fill out our enquiry form.

Tarmac sealer protection

Our sealer is not just a paint that is painted on giving the effect of new tarmac. This will only sit on the surface or your tarmac, which can only mean you, will have to apply another coat in a few months’ time. We use a high quality commercial acrylic sealer which soaks into the surface, replacing lost resins from the exposure to the elements. Our sealer will also make it look as good as new.

Please note that your existing tarmac needs to be in a reasonable condition to ensure a professional finish, We will inform you on the day of survey if it is possible to carry out a treatment effectively or what to expect.