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Void Clearance

Clearance for rentals and holiday accommodation

Sometimes properties can be used by squatters or an unruly tenant decides to leave his mark after not paying the rent for weeks. Once they have vacated the property or have been evicted the property owner could be faced with anything from a simple clean up to a complete mess with everything from human/pet waste to damaged and dirty walls floors and work surfaces. In some cases sharps may be present.

In our area a lot of rental and holiday accommodation properties are present both of which present their own issues and on a lot of occasions letting agents and landlords have to use this service.  We understand that this problem is costly for all concerned especially as the property needs to be re-let as soon as possible to recover some of the cost incurred.

Grossbusters will enter the property, access the situation then carry out the relevant clean-up and waste removal that’s required.  Pest control will be carried out if necessary and if requested maintenance and redecoration can be carried out.

This ensures that the least amount of trades is necessary to bring the flat back up to standards.  We have the skills and experience to carry out all of the task required to bring the property back to a re-lettable condition.