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Window Cleaning

Utilising the pure water reach and wash system & old fashioned squeegee method

Due to the Working at Heights Regulations that were introduced in the 2005, it is both the customers and our responsibility to ensure that we comply fully with Health and Safety regulations when undertaking any job at your property. This will include a risk assessment if necessary to ensure that we undertake any cleaning in a safe manner. This does not, however, mean that one cannot use ladders as a means of access or as a stationary workstation, it simply means that all alternative methods must be considered and implemented if possible or as far as reasonably practicable.

To this end we decided to invest in this system to ensure that there are no misunderstandings and all safety precautions are met. Ultimately the safety of everybody including you is paramount.

Fully trained and certified

With this system we are able to clean up to heights of 62 feet, which is around six storeys high, cleaning all the frames at the same time. We also clean cladding, conservatory roofs, signage, canopies etc. The first initial clean will usually take longer than usual, as we will endeavour to clean every nook and cranny to completely clean the whole of the window and frame. You may possibly experience a few marks or spotting afterwards but usually we manage to eliminate this, but after this initial clean every additional clean keeps it all dirt free and sparkling with no marks or smears to be seen.

There are also many advantages in using this system including being more economically friendly as no detergents are used, no more potential marks or damage to property from the tops of ladders, no more unsightly holes in your gardens or prized flower beds from the bottoms of ladders and especially no more embarrassment from the window cleaner appearing at the bedroom window early in the mornings!!

Interval window cleaning

We are able to clean at intervals that suit you rather than what suits us, so you can have cleans on a 4-weekly basis, six weekly, bi-monthly or whatever you feel is right for you. We are also able to clean inside windows to give a 100% squeaky-clean finish.